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Comox Valley Autism is coordinated by Amanda Flentjar.

Amanda has been running the Comox Valley Autism Family Support Group since 2014. Her autism journey began in 2006 when her son was diagnosed. Looking for connection and guidance she joined the family support group she would later go on to facilitate.

With the support of her incredible community, that includes not only parents of Autistic children but also Autistic adults, they have hosted many awareness events and expanded supports and resources throughout the Comox Valley. In 2016 Amanda began collaborating with Autism BC, joined their staff in 2017 and ended her role there in 2021.

Amanda is a caring, knowledgeable and passionate individual who strives to support the autism community in her region with a strong focus on inclusion and listening to the voices of Autistic persons in her community. She is an advocate for parents, caregivers and self advocates.

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